The Importance Of Computer Support Tech Services For Fixing

By techregion | On Sun, Sep 27th, 2015

The computer is a device that consist of three units namely the CPU, Memory, and output device. A computer is programmed to perform logical operations and arithmetic. Computers can be used to solve an extensive variety of problems. Taking note of distinct can be said about the history of computers yet one thing is sure that era of advanced computer started with two separate innovations that. 

SEO Tutorial with WordPress Yoast Plugin

By Kelvin G Britto | On Mon, Oct 27th, 2014

To increase the ranking of our site in the World Wide Web, you need to set up your site to be SEO-optimized and give it an edge over other millions of sites. When it comes to WordPress-powered sites, WordPress does not provide default settings with the SEO of a site. Luckily, we have plugins to overcome this shortcoming. The best SEO plugin is the free Yoast plugin. This tutorial will help. 

Protecting Your Password

By Adam Mascroft | On Wed, Oct 15th, 2014

  After numerous security and information ruptures for real retail establishments, I believe that a large portion of us ought to get the message. Have solid passwords and ensure them. It might be tougher to do than say but it is indeed important. We supposedly use different and numerous websites in our daily life, for example, bank, contributing and shopping destinations that we have. 

Easy ways to achieve website traffic for free

By Adam Mascroft | On Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Do you own a business whose income depends on Internet audiences? If you do, website traffic might be one of your dilemmas too. We rely on the income from our websites which does actually depend on the audiences. Not to worry, there are an Easy ways to attract that traffic free of cost. Ya! You probably won’t believe it, but if you follow them correctly achieving website traffic won’t. 

Building blocks for your brand – Applying SEO

By Kelvin G Britto | On Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Applying SEO to build your brand is crucial today. Not only does it help in targeting appropriate audience but plays an important role in generation of Income. Getting right to the point, this needs to be done step by step – Remember while applying SEO to your website and to guarantee its success you need to follow a basic hierarchy:- Research –> Structure –> Optimization. 

How to achieve your targeted Google AdSense Ads

By Priscilla Britto | On Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

If you are into the Google AdSense Ad business you might have faced this dilemma at least once or are still stuck at it. Obtaining low income from your websites because of less number of clicks is one many face today. We are people who work out of the internet and to successfully do so we need to generate income. Google AdSense ads are the best way to do so but only if you do it correct.. 

Blogging – full time v/s part time

By Adam Mascroft | On Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

We are all acquainted to the term and the works of Blogging. Today, it is more a trend than a job – we can say that because we jot down everything in words, be it our feelings (personal blog) or mere information (profession). Most of us write, read and follow blogs every day; it’s like a part of our routine life. Today we will talk about blogging a full time profession or a part time. 

How to start a business at the comfort of your home?

By Kelvin G Britto | On Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

This goes out to all those people who are either tired of hunting for a job or the ones who hate being idle. A lot of us have great jobs and most of us hate it, the monotony , the non-exciting tasks ,the great packages or the horrible ones too – We have thought at least once of quitting and starting afresh. Housewives, single parents, students, novice’s and the rest – This might. 

Understanding VPS

By Adam Mascroft | On Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

VPS sounds technical doesn’t it? Well most of us do not understand what VPS stands for and as and when we find out it’s all tetchy we give up on it too. Actually it’s a quite simple piece of information. Below are some reasonable question answers you might have about VPS. They will help you understand and relate to the concept.   1. What does VPS stand for? Virtual Private Server.   2.. 

10 tips on building a strong linkedin profile

By Adam Mascroft | On Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Ever since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has been shrinking global boundaries creating the perfect platform for professionals to meet and interact, taking professional networking to a totally new dimension. Every organization or business endeavor is on the constant lookout for the right talent pool to achieve goals and have sustained growth. In this highly competitive market scenario we are.